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Good Things! - A Dedicated Follower of Fashion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

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Good Things! [Nov. 24th, 2010|07:06 am]
A Dedicated Follower of Fashion
My two big problems with writing on LiveJournal are:

1. Finding time to sit down and write, and
2. Writing something that's not 80% complaining.

You would be surprised at the number of times I've sat down and started writing only to erased what I've written because I realized it fell into the category of "Wah, wah, wah".

SO, a new "feature" to this journal is going to be a weekly catalog of GOOD THINGS. I'm going to start today but I'm mostly going to be updating it on Sundays but what the hell... let's just do it on Wednesday morning. Fairly warned, be ye.

Yes, those modern marvels of yard upkeep technology, I used a leaf blower for the first time this weekend. Previously, I've lived in the city for the past few years. Previous to that, the backyard we had at our townhouse had no leaves to rake. I must admit, after borrowing my neighbor's... the leaf blower shaved HOURS off of a normally excruciating raking job. Hurrah for leaf blowers!

The little guy is ambling around the house in fine style on all fours, but he's yet to make the leap from crawling to walking. Nor does he seem to be in any rush about it- I've read that the youngest in the family usually take their time with landmarks like walking and talking, as they have so many people around them to do for them. Yet toddling IS in the mail- yesterday Ellen was holding Hank up and, absent-mindedly, she let him go. He stood for a few seconds; long enough to realize that Mommy wasn't holding him anymore, at which point he collapsed on the floor and started crawling again.

For the past few years, we have been mobile on Turkey Day. Last year, we spent the holiday at Ellen's friend Sarah's mother's house (enough possessives in that statement for ya?) and the two years before that, we drove to Ellen's mother's place in Northeast Ohio. Not this year though! This year, we're doing Thanksgiving at our house for the first time and we're all very excited. What's even more exciting is that we have people coming! Ellen met a nice lady named Sally over the summer with whom she's become fast friends. Sally and her husband Adam have two kids, Charlie (who's Elliot's age) and Ella (who's a bit younger than Henry). They are Canadian expats who celebrate their own Thanksgiving in October, so we took the initiative to invite 'em up for dinner. Our friend Kelly will also be with us, and possibly one of Ellen's co-workers. It should be a good time!

I came home last week to find one of the most often comic thrift store finds I've yet had... and I didn't even find it! Ellen stopped at the St. Vincent DePaul store to pick up some plates for the art gallery and she happened upon a hardcover copy of Frank Miller's 300 for $4 dollars! While not exactly obsessive about the practice, I've been picking up more and more hardcover comic collections in recent years, and this is a welcome addition to the library. $4 dollars! It normally retails for $30 dollars!